10 Free Chatrooms For Website Widgets To Make Your Site Interactive

10 Free Chatrooms

There are several chat widget vendors out there, and they all tout how fantastic they are.

Nevertheless, do they?

Well, it takes a little more than a while to look through everything they have to offer. But do not fret. To help you save time, we performed the research and hand-picked the top ten chat widgets.

For you to gain a complete understanding of your alternatives, we’ll go over the advantages, disadvantages, and price comparisons. Also, we’ll demonstrate each live chat widget for the website for you.

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But first things first: Let’s define the type of widget we’re looking at and why you should even bother.

What Exactly Is A Chat Widget?


A chat widget is a window on a website that permits communication between a potential customer and the brand. To greet guests and provide assistance, it typically appears as a button at the bottom of the page.

When a website visitor hits the button, a live chat widget appears, allowing them to start a conversation with a chatbot or customer service representative.

Why Is A Chat Widget Needed On Your Website?

Did you know that an adult’s attention span is typically 8 seconds? It isn’t very long to pique the interest of potential website visitors, is it? People will quit your page if you don’t quickly provide them with what they want. Widgets for chat can help. They respond to your customers’ inquiries and can immediately send them to the sites that contain the appropriate merchandise.

Other reasons why having live chat help via a widget on your website pages is crucial

  1. Sales are positively impacted by chat widgets, and buyers prefer to purchase from businesses that provide chat widgets. Also, using live chat doesn’t confine you to your website. You may embed the chat widget on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Slack so that your clients can find you there.
  2. According to a SuperOffice survey, clients prefer using an embedded chat widget for communication. It is significant to note that it comes before social media and phone conversations for e-commerce vs retail companies wanting to enhance their client relationships.
  3. Overall, using online chat for website free is a terrific approach to strengthening the bond between your business and its clients. These can boost conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction. For small firms to increase sales and expand more quickly, this is very beneficial.
  4. Pop-up widgets can also be used for automated marketing, in addition to communication. Your website chat window can be configured to either promote sales by directing customers to your SALE products or to collect emails by displaying newsletter signup forms to visitors.
  5. Moreover, you can get consumer information through your embedded free chat box. This includes their online activity and any other data they provided, such as a contact number or email address. This can enable you to provide returning customers with a more tailored experience.

What To Look For In A Good Live Chat Widget?


The best live chat software should be easy to use for visitors to your website and feature-rich for you. There is much more to it than just what appears to be a messaging app.

Customization. You ought to be able to customize your widget’s colors, chat button location, agent statuses, widget modes, and other aspects.

Automation: To save your team members’ time and enhance the customer experience, your live chat software should let you automate workflows, create scripted responses, and use chatbots.

Chatbot hybrid: A hybrid strategy enables you to alternate between chatbots and live agents. By doing this, you can benefit from the advantages of automated chat assistance that is available around the clock and the superior customer service that only human agents can provide.

Analyses of live chats: Gaining insights into your live chat statistics, such as the number of chats, the number of queries answered, reaction times, etc., should be simple.

Integrations: The helpdesk system, CRM tool, automation platform, knowledge base tool, and other tools utilized by your sales and customer support employees must all be integrated with your live chat solution.

Installing is simple: The majority of contemporary live chat tools are no-code options that enable users to install chat widgets on websites with just a few mouse clicks.

Mobile optimization: Traffic on mobile devices has already surpassed that on desktop. Thus a large, unreliable chat widget shouldn’t interfere with the mobile user experience. Ensure sure your program enables you to customize your chat widget for every device and operating system (Android, iOS, etc).

Simple-to-use UI: You control your customer service and support processes through the live chat tool. Within your system, it should be simple to create tickets, assign discussions to operators, tag and filter chats, etc.

How Do I Pick the Best Live Chat Software And Widget?


The capability to create a livelier interaction is one of the fundamental needs for maintaining a business website. Having said that, your last chance to improve client interaction is to have a free chat widget for the website. Being in contact with your target audience is the solution if you want to expand your community.

You must offer them outstanding customer service if you want to get to know them. To help you, though, you don’t need to hire someone. You can multitask with chatbots without having to worry about missing requests.

Your website will receive real-time updates and feedback about your goods, services, and other stuff if you can successfully integrate a chat widget. If you can address every issue and website inquiry, you could perhaps enhance your sales.

The top 10 free chatrooms for your website that you can add to your website are listed below to aid in setup:

  1. Meboo. me

The best instant messaging service for the majority of websites is Meeboo. me. Regardless of whether you use WordPress, Typepad, or another platform, this one can be useful. Its compatibility with AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, and even Facebook sets it apart from other free chat sites. This eliminates the need for visitors to create an account. They can instead utilize their current accounts for the supported chatting platforms.

  1. phpFreeChat

Private messaging and a variety of chat rooms for websites are supported by this free chat site software. It is a free PHP-based chat platform with a tonne of capabilities that are more typical of desktop clients. The best feature is that you may change the themes to offer a wonderful user experience.

  1. CBox

CBox makes a drive to integrate social media platform advantages with the capabilities of classic IM clients. Because of the user app’s simplicity and directness, you will find it to be quite convenient. Due to its reliance exclusively on client-side HTML and JavaScript, it is simple to install and comprehend. The chat service is free. But, a premium edition is furthermore offered and costs $2.00 per month. The premium edition is fully ad-free and contains extra features.

  1. Chatango


Install Chatango on your website if you’d want a customizable chat room for website plug-in. The ability for users to create their avatars is the chatbox’s main benefit. Additionally, it provides a variety of user roles that enable every user to take on the tasks of an administrator or moderator.

  1. Ajax IM

An easy-to-use chat software for your website is Ajax IM. It just has a 78KB mass. The default setting of the app is comparable to that of Facebook’s web-based chat client, which is pinned to the bottom of website pages. A sleek and open instant messaging app for your company website.

  1. AJAX Talk

You could assume from the name that AJAX Chat employs client-side JavaScript to power the chat window on your website. Along with serving its core function, it can also be utilized as a shoutbox where users can rapidly leave a message and broadcast it to other website visitors and administrators.

  1. JWChat

It uses Ajax to power its chat function. JWChat is for you if you want to rapidly launch your free website chat widgets. One of the quickest methods for creating chat boxes is using only HTML and JavaScript. It can be compared to the standard IM client with a variety of capabilities, including emoticon support and other things.

  1. The WordPress Plugin AjaxChat

Live chat functionality is supported by this free website chat widget. It enables visitors to speak with WordPress users without requiring a browser refresh.

  1. Ijab

Google Web Toolkit created the web-based instant messaging program known as iJab. For client simulation, it makes use of Ajax and is free. To get the same functionality that users may use in their browsers, like Facebook chat, this is a viable approach.

  1. Mibew Online Messenger

A free and open-source chat program known also as Open Web Chat is Mibew Web Messenger. PHP and MySQL are used to generate it. With live customer support, it was created. But in other situations, it still functions.

Which Website Is Best For Chatting?


The most popular live chat program is called LiveChat. The free LiveChat plugin for WordPress makes installation and setup incredibly simple.

Your customer service team can utilize LiveChat attractively with the help of website designer live chat support software on their desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. As a result, you may engage in client chats while you’re on the go and outside of your WordPress dashboard.

To know exactly how well your sales team and support team are doing, you may add pre-chat survey forms before and after a live chat session. Customers can quickly submit a support ticket directly from the live chat window if no one is present to assist them. Your staff will be notified when this happens.

Numerous more services, including well-known CRM tools like Zendesk, Hubspot, and Google Analytics, are integrated with LiveChat. By connecting with WhatsApp and other messaging services, it facilitates omnichannel interactions.

Also, it is compatible with all the leading email marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. You’ll save time by not having to manually type customer information into your other systems.

LiveChat’s speed is arguably its strongest feature. Compared to most other live chat software, the chat capability loads incredibly rapidly and provides a significantly better user experience.

We use LiveChat on all of our eCommerce sites because it helps us answer more quickly and provide better overall client interactions.

A major benefit of LiveChat is how simple it is to tailor the chat box so that it completely matches the branding of your website using the built-in tools.

Further support capabilities included with LiveChat enable us to better communicate with our customers. These tools include visitor tracking and proactive chat, which enables us to get in touch with visitors before they even request assistance.

Also, LiveChat offers a clever API that connects to our ticketing system and knowledge base, streamlining our customer assistance procedures.

Although we utilize LiveChat on our WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads businesses, you can use it on all well-known website builders platforms like Shopify, Wix, and others.

Pricing: LiveChat offers many programs for companies of all sizes, including startups. Their programs begin at $16 per agent per month when billed annually, or $19 when paid monthly. There is a 14-day free trial period available for each plan.

How Do You Include Live Chat On Your Website?


Understanding your company’s needs is the first step in selecting the best live chat solutions. How much money do you have set aside each month? The number of agents you require is. When your agents are unavailable, do you need chatbots to help you?

Let’s look at the six features that a top live chat widget ought to have in light of this.

  1. Modular Pricing Structures

The top chat widget suppliers offer several pricing tiers to accommodate your business at various stages. In addition to all the paid options, they must offer a free trial so that you can evaluate the service before signing up for a subscription.

A decent chat widget service should be on-demand, without a binding contract, and with an easy cancellation policy. Moreover, keep an eye out for options that let you sign up for their services on a monthly or annual basis.

  1. Personalized Pre-Chat Form

Before users are connected to one of your chat agents, you ask them to fill out a bespoke pre-chat form. Name, phone number, email address, and sort of support can all be included in the pre-chat form.

With the help of this extra screening step, you may get your consumers’ contact information and learn more about their needs. By using the data gathered to address consumers by name during the chat, you may tailor the users’ experience.

You also have the user’s email address and phone number, which you can use to follow up if they disconnect from the conversation. One of the excellent features of a top website chat widget is the option to specify the fields you need in a bespoke pre-conversation form.

  1. Call And Video Chat

How can you improve customer service even more? To give your consumers in-person support or sales assistance, you can use a video and chat option.

In many situations, problems cannot be resolved over the phone or via live chat. You may connect with your clients’ screens in real time using voice chat and screen sharing, which will help you fix any problems quickly.

For instance, if a consumer needs assistance purchasing one of your items, a video and audio chat tool can help you walk them through the process.

How Can I Integrate Free Chat Into My Website?


There are several live chat options available as WordPress plugins like Smart Chat or as components of help desk software systems. Let’s talk about how to add a chatroom to your website. Let’s explore the process of adding live chat to your website.

  1. Choose A Live Chat Application Provider

It is worthwhile to spend some time investigating your options given the impact live chat may have on the caliber of your customer support and income. Learn everything you can about different live chat software providers before selecting the product that best suits your company’s needs and integrating it into your website. The feature set, ease of onboarding and customization, third-party software integrations, security, compatibility with mobile devices, cost, and customer support are some of the aspects to take into account when looking for the best chat plugin.

  1. Enroll In The Service

Your options have probably been reduced to those that best fit your needs and budget. Still hesitant to make a membership purchase? You could begin with a risk-free trial. Most live chat software suppliers offer free trials that include all of the product’s functions, allowing prospective customers to test all of the functionality or to ask for a demo. It normally takes no more than a few minutes to sign up for the trial, and no credit card information is needed.

  1. Provide On The Website With A Live Chat Button

You must select a conversation button after joining up. Following that, all you have to do to integrate live chat is enter a brief piece of HTML code into the page’s body. You can start chatting with your clients and prospects in real time once you’ve integrated chat into your website. When a visitor clicks the live chat button, which is often located in the bottom right corner of a website, a chat window opens. A corporate representative who is online and available to accept the chat request is contacted by the visitor by clicking further on this window.

  1. Modify The Live Chat Widget

Most live chat software providers let you customize the tool in a huge variety of ways. It can entail modifying the language and contents, as well as making adjustments to the design of the online (when chat is accessible) and offline (when chat is not available) buttons and a chat window to make it look local to your website. You may either select from a collection of live chat buttons or design your own using HTML to customize the button’s appearance to your brand.

Also, you may decide whether a chat button should open a pre-chat form for visitors to complete before starting a chat. In most cases, you can also alter the look of pre-chat forms and contact forms (displayed if no agent is online).

  1. Make Proactive Chat Invitations Available

The majority of live chat vendors frequently offer proactive chat. On specific pages of the website or all of them, proactive chat invitations can be seen. Examples include your price or checkout pages, where users are most likely to seek live support. Invitations are typically triggered either manually or automatically based on pre-established rules. Information on visitors, such as their location, current page, referring page, time spent on the site, frequency of visits, etc., as well as numerous behavior metrics, are also included.

  1. Compile A List Of Ready-made Responses

These are pre-set responses to queries that consumers commonly ask. Because repetitive queries may be promptly answered by providing the appropriate pre-written response in a few clicks, they enable faster response times and boost the efficiency of the agents. When agents must manage several chat requests concurrently, canned messages come in especially handy.



What Is Business Live Chat Software?

With live chat software for business, you may converse with website visitors in real-time. This enables you to respond to their main concerns and encourages them to buy.

Because live chat is more efficient than providing phone help utilizing a business phone service, firms frequently use it for pre-sales inquiries as well as customer support.

Which Live Chat Program Is Best For You?

Although the finest live chat software can vary depending on your demands, we think LiveChat.com, HubSpot, and ChatBot.com are the best live chat software for the majority of business needs.

Why Should Your Business Utilize Live Chat?

It enables you to provide clients with prompt support. Additionally, when carefully applied, it can considerably aid in boosting customer happiness, boosting sales, and decreasing your need for customer assistance.

Final Words

We’re done with our recommendations for the finest free live chat applications you can use on your website.

Having live chat help on your website significantly raises the credibility of your company. The majority of well-known live chat software, however, might be expensive if you are just starting or have a tiny firm. Do not be concerned. With the aid of free live chat software, you may continue to offer your clients real-time assistance.

This blog post includes the top 10 free live chat programs, from which you may pick the one that best meets your company’s demands.