What is BigCommerce? A Detailed Guide

What Is Bigcommerce?

BigCommerce is a recently developed e-commerce platform that streamlines the process of building and overseeing online stores for businesses. As the name suggests, it provides a robust and all-inclusive system for businesses of any size to establish a solid online presence and capitalize on the numerous opportunities available in the online market.

This detailed guide will delve into the world of BigCommerce, examining its key features, pros and cons, as well as its potential impact on your e-commerce operations. Keep reading to explore the pros and cons of utilizing BigCommerce and how it could potentially revolutionize your online enterprise. Are you wondering what BigCommerce does and how it can transform your online business? Look no further than this guide for all the information you need.


What Is BigCommerce?

Ecommerce is what BigCommerce is used for. It is an open SaaS platform, which is driving a new era in eCommerce. You can investigate countless opportunities to advance, innovate, and expand with BigCommerce enterprise.

With the help of BigCommerce’s attractive design tools, you can create imaginative and appealing shop experiences while managing operational complexity on this safe and user-friendly eCommerce platform. Additionally, BigCommerce aids in outperforming the competition by providing quick commerce experiences that encourage repeat client visits.

How Does BigCommerce Work?

What is BigCommerce platform? Will be followed by a discussion of its operating system. BigCommerce operates exclusively through the cloud. To use this software, nothing needs to be downloaded. To activate BigCommerce, you must sign up for an account and create a domain name.

The ability to use a recently published website, a concept editor, and a revenue management panel are then granted to you by BigCommerce so that you can submit products and complete transactions.

Suppose the registration process is complete. In that situation, BigCommerce will allow you to manually or automatically upload your products to the database, configure your delivery and tax information, build your website, develop a marketing plan, and get ready to start your store.

Users can securely accept payments on their websites due to the well-known payment processor offered by BigCommerce Company. Additionally, once clients have purchased your products, you can use the built-in capabilities made especially for BigCommerce to process orders, communicate with your customers, and continuously adjust your selling strategy.

Main Features Offered By BigCommerce

Now you have the flexibility to differentiate your commerce experience while maintaining security, scalability, and stability. BigCommerce is an eCommerce development platform that allows users to improve their companies for long-term growth.


Shipping Options

BigCommerce offers its customers a variety of delivery options. You will receive real-time quotes, offer customers free delivery, and create shipping labels. As a general rule, automated shipping processes, including package tracking, in-store pickup, and next-day delivery, can make customers happy and satisfied.

It may be difficult for you to overcome issues with delivery. However, BigCommerce’s tools make it much easier for you to do so. Through BigCommerce solutions, third-party vendors are permitted.

POS Integrations

One of the earliest eCommerce sites, BigCommerce communicates with more POS systems than any other business. Mixing online and offline transactions is something it does quite well. BigCommerce can help you maintain a record of inventory and keep it up to date whether you are the administrator of a busy store or sell many things yourself.

SEO Friendly

BigCommerce is an SEO-friendly platform that enables customers to adjust microdata and on-page SEO to improve the search engine ranking of their eCommerce website. Along with helping to develop an SEO-friendly URL structure, it even includes SSL certificates for online retailers in its plans.

Multi-Currency Support

eCommerce websites must accept many currencies to facilitate cross-border sales because currencies vary from country to country. Fortunately, BigCommerce is a big assistance in this situation.

Due to its partnerships with five of the best payment providers, BigCommerce platform offers online retailers flexibility. It converts currency and presents the value in the consumers’ native currency.

Multi-Channel Support

Getting clients has never been simple. To attract a bigger audience, online sellers must juggle between different channels. All the work could be for naught if the platform fails to support many channels.

Fortunately, BigCommerce doesn’t operate in that manner. BigCommerce Company expands user potential by enabling online retailers to interface with sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

You can rapidly draw a customer’s attention back to the purchased items by sending an email automatically when they join the email platform and elect to remove possible products from their online shopping cart. Additionally, adding custom greetings or discount codes is still another choice.

While personalized emails are sixfold more effective than conventional ones, owners can unexpectedly recover between 12 and 15% of clients through these emails.

The main drawback of this feature is that BigCommerce does not provide access to it through their cheapest plans. Abandoned Cart Recovery is a very useful business tool, which is also why the Plus plan recommends it as the minimum kit.

Website Customization

BigCommerce is a highly flexible platform with pre-made responsive templates to help you rapidly and effortlessly create an eCommerce store. Additionally, stencil enables developers to offer greater control by customizing shopping cart themes.

Pros And Cons Of BigCommerce



Omni Channel Approach

BigCommerce adopts an omnichannel strategy. It enables clients to sell through numerous platforms, resulting in a seamless customer experience rather than keeping to a single medium of sale. Additionally, the platform links all distribution channels to streamline management for online vendors.

Highly Scalable

BigCommerce platform will take care of hosting and infrastructure upgrades for your store. Your website will always function flawlessly in real-time, regardless of how much you desire to scale your company’s operations.

SEO Benefits

Every eCommerce company needs search engine optimization to increase visibility. To improve the eCommerce website and increase traffic, BigCommerce provides powerful SEO capabilities, including product-based search, most popular searches, optimized URLs, etc.

Impressive Security Features

Your online store is hosted by BigCommerce, which also handles security. It has hardware firewalls that identify hacker activity and is ISO/IEC 27001 certified. This platform adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It is continuously updated with the most recent security protocols.

Powerful Built-In Features

For websites that sell products, built-in functionalities are essential. Online vendors may be forced to rely on costly third-party integrations if an eCommerce platform fails to offer many functionalities.

BigCommerce, thankfully, has many built-in features, from its Standard plan to its Enterprise plan.


Lack Of Built-In POS Feature

While BigCommerce allows you to interface with many of the leading payment service providers, it lacks an internal point of sale (POS), which makes checkout time longer and may make it less secure than a native POS.

Not Ideal For High-Volume Businesses

Even though BigCommerce’s Enterprise plan allows for a customized pricing range and annual sales volume, large enterprises should not use it. Its Pro plan alone permits $400,000 in annual sales. The platform can accommodate up to $100 billion in sales, even if merchants exceed that.

Businesses operating over that threshold should search for other, superior options, especially if they wish for faster growth.

No Multilingual Support

BigCommerce does not accept any other languages and is only accessible in English. You cannot market to clients if they find English to be difficult.

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Final Thoughts

BigCommerce does not accept any other languages and is only accessible in English. You cannot market to clients if they find English to be difficult.

The speedy growth of technology in this digital age might make it possible for companies to target a broader range of customers. As a result, many companies are searching for e-commerce platforms that might help increase their yearly sales. BigCommerce may also be a fantastic alternative. This e-commerce system allows you to create an online store.

BigCommerce development Because of its multi-functional nature, would be a valuable tool for you to keep track of your items, orders, clients, etc.  

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